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crazy about technology, unflappable, highly flexible and active around the world

about:communication is an international communications agency with 20 years of expertise in automotive, technology and industrial markets. With our highly effective team of specialists in PR, marketing, events and social media, we are a solution provider for integrated communication. As part of an international agency network, we offer our clients these capabilities in many other countries, too.

Our agency’s name is derived from our principle: It’s all about communication. For us, communication is what connects people. People are in constant dialogue with one another, consciously and subconsciously, directly and indirectly. Communication influences how people view things. As we see it, for a company to be successful, it is essential to prioritise communication on all levels – internally and externally. An open culture of communication that connects all corporate functions with one another has a positive effect on corporate success.

You can't not communicate.“

– Paul Watzlawick

However, good communication requires a strong foundation – a clear concept. Strategic thinking is part of our DNA. We think beyond individual initiatives, maintain a view of our clients’ long-term success and ask the right questions in order to provide them with the best possible support when it comes to achieving their communication and corporate targets. One of our strengths is the ability to understand correlations in detail and to address them with creative ideas for a variety of different communication channels, disciplines and target groups. Based on specific needs, we can also include our international network partners to create a globally cohesive package of communication initiatives that take into account local needs and circumstances.

Thanks to our highly effective agency size, every one of our clients has the full focus of our attention. Our aim is to make each one of our clients happy and to grow with them. It is therefore important for us to understand you and your wishes in minute detail. We are your partner, we have enormous expertise in your market and think our way deep into your company and your products.  We work efficiently and with great commitment on all projects, large and small, applying our pragmatic feel for cost and time restraints – and also state clearly where the limits of our capabilities lie. We engage in direct dialogue and nurture an approach of open communication.

Because: It’s all about:communication!


Here is an overview of our services.


No-one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.``

– Halford E. Luccock

The heart of our agency is our team. We are communicators through and through and combine many years of experience with fresh ideas. Some of us have learned the agency business from the ground up, while others earned their spurs over years in corporate life.

But, first and foremost, we’re people, and we love what we do. We are passionate about our clients, their markets, products and topics. Get to know us – the people behind about:communication:

Natascha Koch

CEO & Head of PR

Magdalena Krippner

Head of Marketing

Maja Dickhöver

Senior Project Manager

Andrea Bail

Research and Monitoring Specialist

Tobias Koch

Senior Consultant

Jörn Lorenz

Senior Consultant

Hanno Boblenz

PR Freelancer Automotive & Tech

Birgit Osterholt

PR Freelancer IT & Tech

…and you?

Are you passionate about communication too, and would you like to add your skills to ours? Then send us an email detailing your motivation, background and experience to info@aboutcommunication.de!