Speaking with one voice

Think global, act local – we work with our partner agencies to communicate in more than 30 countries worldwide

about:communication is a member of the Automotive PR international agency network. Our partner agencies have the same areas of expertise as us and are represented in many relevant technology markets around the world. Together, we cover more than 30 countries worldwide. If required, we can call upon the most appropriate individuals from our partner agencies to work with us on projects. We’re united by an in-depth understanding of our sectors and exceptionally strong networks in our respective markets as well as a global mindset for our shared international clients.

No-one fully understands the other, because no two people apply exactly the same meaning to the same word.``

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We understand the complexity of international communication and experience it as part and parcel of our everyday work. We handle communication in the German-speaking countries on behalf of our global clients. Our proven approach sees us or a partner agency take the lead role to ensure the same level of quality, consistent content, knowledge transfer between countries,  standardized processes and, where desired, function as your sole point of contact.

Our international case studies:


about:communication is exactly the right size to support you in all your communication needs. We have the right experts on our team to serve you in PR, marketing, events and social media. We realise projects large and small for our clients from a wide range of sectors, such as automotive, industry and technology. We handle all your needs, from conception to final implementation. We are your partners when you think globally and are seeking an agency with a first-class international network.

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