BILSTEIN Bloggerevent

BILSTEIN shock absorbers and running gear put through their paces

Suspension tester for a day


  • Strategy & conception
  • Identification of stories and content
  • Project management and implementation

About the case

Our task: Further improve the positioning of the BILSTEIN brand in the media relevant to young consumers.

Our idea: Establish close and lasting contact between BILSTEIN and the auto-blogger community, which was exploding onto the scene in 2012. These are precisely the people shaping the opinion of young drivers and thus also influencing buying decisions.

Our concept: Bring theory and practice together in a two-part event format. The first event we organized took place at BILSTEIN’s facility in Ennepetal in October 2012. Around a dozen German auto-bloggers were given a comprehensive insight into the manufacturer’s suspension technology. The second part of the event took the bloggers out onto the test track. In Papenburg (Lower Saxony), they had the unique opportunity to put various BILSTEIN shock absorbers and suspension systems through their paces. BILSTEIN experts were on-hand for the whole day to answer questions and give interviews.

Working closely with BILSTEIN, we were responsible for implementing the entire project – from invitation management to handling the test drives. And with great success – we firmly and enduringly anchored BILSTEIN within the auto-blogger community. The best compliment came at the end of the test drives from auto-blogger Thomas Schwede: “The fact that auto-bloggers were operating here without their smartphones, and didn’t get all nervous and twitchy, says a lot for the organization of the Papenberg event.”