Whitepaper for Athlon Germany GmbH

Electric mobility remains a megatrend in the automotive industry

The future is electric


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About the case

The future is electric – the importance of electric mobility to modern fleets, the opportunities it presents and how fleet managers can best integrate it are the subject of a whitepaper by Athlon, Europe’s leading provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management.

Over 28 pages, the whitepaper conceived and written by about:communication addresses reader reservations on the topic and demonstrates that fleet e-mobility is easier than many imagine.

Short time – lots of information

A good whitepaper presents an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd in the era of information overload. It offers readers true added value by providing key information on a specialist topic, and helps position brands as experts and thought leaders.

Once the general content was defined, the a:c team conducted extensive background research, gathered the latest facts and figures, spoke with independent experts and maintained regular dialogue with Athlon specialists. Within a very short timeframe, a:c distilled this wealth of knowledge into a well-structured and informative paper. And the hard work paid off – so far, 669 readers of Athlon’s online future-mobility magazine “moveon” have clicked on the download button