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Building reputations

Communicate effectively with journalists to place the right messages in the media

Our PR team supports you in press and media communications for print, online, TV and radio. We have close, cooperative working relationships with journalists, who can be credible multipliers and advocates for your messages. We are particularly well connected in the automotive and technology sectors.

Our particular strength lies in our ability to understand our clients’ often complex subject matter and to express that in the form of engaging stories – even if the topic doesn’t seem particularly media friendly at first glance. We prepare your stories with the appropriate hook according to the medium, occasion and format – starting with classic press releases and ranging through feature articles to press conferences and media workshops. We can also create media trainings for you to provide coaching not only in how to deal with journalists, but also to help position key messages in interview situations – internationally, too, if required.

Ducks lay their eggs in silence, while hens cluck like crazy. What is the consequence? Everybody eats hens' eggs.“

– Henry Ford

Here are some of the ways we can help

  • PR strategy, concept development & key messages
  • Content generation & storytelling
  • Press and media relations
  • Press-office functions
  • Press releases
  • Trade-fair PR
  • Press conferences
  • Press events
  • Webinar
  • (Technical) feature articles
  • Interviews
  • Media training
  • Editorial work & copywriting
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Content planning
  • PR workshops
  • Video, moving images & photo coverage
  • Translation & adaptation for the German-speaking market
  • Internationalization of PR work
  • Product launches and relaunches
  • Market entries
  • Brand profiling & image building

Our PR Case Studies:

Broaden your horizons with us

As well as classic PR work, we can also support you in marketing, events and social media. We are especially good at integrating all your initiatives. Thanks to our international agency network, we can place your messages consistently throughout the world. Take a look at our case studies for inspiration.

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